Drag Finishing

Drag finishing offers 40 times the grinding performance compared to rotary vibrators and allows for the automatic processing of high-value components. This powerful process is used on components that cannot touch each other during the finishing process or that once required only manual treatment.

SurfacePrep Northeast Region utilizes and recommends Rösler’s drag finishing machines which consist of a rotating spinner containing up to 48 independently rotating spindles. The parts are attached to the spindles and are ‘dragged’ through a work bowl lined with highly wear-resistant polyurethane that is filled with grinding or polishing media – for ultra-smooth and consistent quality results

Additional features include:

  • Easily integrated into cell manufacturing concepts
  • Heavy-duty construction and industrial-grade motors
  • Protective cabin with plexi-glass doors
  • Hydraulically-powered vertical movement of carousel assembly
  • Carousel equipped with up to 4 rotating workstations, each with an independent drive


SurfacePrep Northeast Region recommends the Maxi-Drag process for delicate, high-value components such as boat propellers, golf club heads, large gear parts, and thread-guiding cylinders for the textile industry.

For ball burnishing, cleaning, deburring, degreasing, descaling, polishing, radiusing, and smoothing, SurfacePrep Northeast Region chooses the heavy-duty Mini-Drag finisher.