Non-Woven Abrasives

Non-woven abrasives consist of a web of nylon fibers with abrasive grains bonded with synthetic resins, and are ideal for cleaning, blending, deburring, stripping, finishing and surface prep.

Non-woven abrasives provide a controlled cut and consistent uniform finishes to products that are waterproof, washable, non-conductive, non-metallic, non-rusting and solvent resistant.

Most hand pads, buff and blend discs and rolls are open weave, providing flexibility and conformity to the workpiece.  Surface conditioning belts and discs have a higher resin / abrasive content to provide better cut, life and finish. Clean and strip type discs are very rigid, with an open weave to reduce loading when cleaning mill scale or removing coatings.  These are a great option compared to wire wheels.

SurfacePrep Northeast Region offers multiple forms of non-woven abrasives including hand pads, belts, discs, sheets, rolls, flap wheels, convolute wheels, and unitized wheels and discs.