Polyurethane Lining, Casting + Custom Spray

SurfacePrep Northeast Region offers Rösler’s wear-resistant polyurethane and rubber linings, as well as its polyurethane small case parts and accessories.

Rösler’s unique thermo-strip method utilizes a special environmentally friendly thermal system to completely remove old linings. This system provides a beneficial heat treatment (stress relief) effect which will extend the life of the work bowl. 

Treatment options include:

  • We begin by removing and disposing of the existing liner. Rosler’s thermo-strip method uses a special, environmentally friendly (EPA approved), thermal system to completely remove old linings.
  • We then stress-relieve the processing unit and shot blast the entire machine to the raw steel.
  • After a thorough inspection, we complete any necessary repairs including crack repairs, vibratory drive motors, flaps, fixture point, springs and electrical connections.
  • Our technicians prepare the unit and line it to your exact specifications.
  • An additional tempering step ensures the new lining is evenly and fully cured to ensure the liners meets its expectations for performance and long-term durability.
  • We then install any new or rebuilt accessories
  • Finally, the unit is primed and painted with enamel prior to being returned in like-new condition. Rosler also provides a range of special services to suit each customer’s needs such as adding new automation accessories and fabricating new gates, drains or screens.
  • Rösler Adiprene plus hot-poured polyurethane: A special, seamless lining that provides a considerably longer service life than with cold poured polyurethane.
  • Rösler HD 90 polyurethane: This highly wear-resistant, seamless lining is applied by a special spray gun providing a textured surface that prevents light/flat parts from adhering to the work bowl wall.
  • Rösler Super 2000 hot-poured polyurethane mats are highly wear-resistant: ask us about the availability of on-site lining.


We have hundreds of molds in stock to fit a wide variety of mass finishing bowls and tubs made by all major North American manufacturers.

To keep your machine working harder and longer, SurfacePrep Northeast Region does complete overhauls of all makes and models of mass finishing machines, including the vibratory drive and separation system. We can help avoid downtime while your bowl is being relined by providing a loaner machine or production support.