Special Processes

SurfacePrep Northeast Region are experts in several specialized processes that are specific to certain industries. Having these capabilities is crucial to best serve our customers and meet their strict needs.

If your project requires a unique process not mentioned here, please contact us for a customized consultation. Chances are SurfacePrep Northeast Region has the experience to find the best solution for your parts and components.

PWA 36905

Developed by SurfacePrep Northeast Region with the cooperation of Pratt & Whitney, this process improves jet engine fuel efficiency and thrust by reducing RA finishes down to single numbers with minimal stock removal.

Rösler’s Keramo Process

This inexpensive and straightforward process creates a high-grade surface finish and has an extremely low material removal rate. This is a popular process for the aero engine market – for both new components and overhauls including disks, blisks, blades and vanes.

ISF (Isotropic Finishing)

This unique patented process generates a non-directional low Ra surface (using non-hazardous and environmentally friendly chemicals). This process reduces friction and wear on the surface, increases part durability, and improves corrosion resistance.